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Excellent stock control. Adaptable to any space, weight or size. Integrates well with hand-stack shelving.

●”Pallet Truck Stop”is designed to eliminate damage due to runaway pallet jacks, which can be easily picked up and placed in convenient sport.
●Drivers will never again have to tie down a pallet jack, use a load bar to hold it or flip it on its side. Just pull the jack pallet truck stop and it`s parked in less than two seconds fully secured.
●It is the best device designed to hold any pallet Jacks in a moving car or trailer.
Remark:Different fork size can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Featured Work Bench

Work Bench

Parsteel presents the toughest work bench in the industry today. Steel top work bench stands up to the daily rigors of hard industrial use. Delivers maximum performance in maintenance rooms, assembly areas, or repair shops. Heavy gauge 1 3/4” thick steel construction ensures extra durability. Easily maintained and cleaned.


  • With inches: 72”
  • Depth inches: 30”
  • Height inches: 33”
  • Color finish: gray
  • Assembly: unassembled.
  • Construction: steel
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