Drug Storage Cages
Drug Storage Cages
Stock Panels

Panels come in one-foot increments from 1′ to 10′ wide, and in heights of 4′ and 5′, and are available for 48-hour shipping! View panel sizes

Meets DEA Requirements

Self-closing & self-locking doors, panels flush to the floor, and heavy-duty hardware.

Virtually Any Configuration

Our wire partitions make it possible to construct a DEA controlled substance storage cage of virtually any size or shape.

Drug Industry Experience

We have years of experience providing DEA approved enclosures to the drug and pharmaceutical industry and have never failed a DEA inspection to date!

DEA Approved Drug Storage Cages
When properly installed, WireCrafters Style 840 Partitions meet the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) requirements for the physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls. This drug storage application of WireCrafters wire partitions is ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and much more.
  1. Self closing, self locking doors.
  2. Wall and ceiling panels constructed of 10 gauge wire.
  3. Steel support posts 2″ square.
  4. Posts have welded on base plates for lagging to the floor.
  5. Posts are set no more than ten feet apart.
  6. Walls have minimum 1 1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 60 inches.
  7. Standard mesh has 2″ x 1″ rectangular opening.
  8. Panels mount flush to floor.
  9. Heavy 3/8″ hardware non-accessible from the exterior.
  10. Panels stack to any height.
  11. Clear spanned ceilings up to 35′ across.
Tool Crib
Stock Panels

Panels come in one foot increments from 1′ to 10′ wide, and in heights of 4′ and 5′. View panel sizes

Variety of Panel Options

Woven wire panels, welded wire panels, expanded metal panels, polycarbonate panels, and sheet metal panels can all be used. View mesh options

Endless Customizations

Tool cribs and security cages can be designed in custom sizes and configurations.

48 Hour Shipping

Stock panels and basic cages are kept in stock for quick 48 hour shipping across the U.S.

  1. Twenty standard sized panels 4′-0″ or 5′-0″ high, by 1′-0″ to 10′-0″ wide.
  2. Stack two or more panels between posts to reach wall height.
  3. Standard size panels work in ceilings and walls.
  4. Custom size panels and special heights available.
  5. Hinged, double hinged, sliding, and vertical rise doors available.
  6. Sliding doors have patented tamper resistant latch mechanism.
  7. Angle frame design gives installer clear access to hardware, speeding installation.
  8. Assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side of the partition.
  9. Standard 3/8″ mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry.
  10. Heavy duty options available.
  11. Panels may be ordered with any mesh, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear Lexan.

Build tool cribs of any size and configuration with WireCrafters Style 840 Woven Wire Partition System. Unlike chain link fence or other alternatives, wire partitions are fully framed wire mesh panels that bolt together section by section. Most maintenance departments can install this modular partitioning product without the use of special tools or equipment; allowing for an easy installation of tool cribs and security cages.

Using our wire partition panels, you may construct tool crib walls and ceilings from the same modular sized panels. The partition panels may be stacked to your desired tool crib wall height, and the panels easily bolt to posts using standard hand tools. A full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors are available for tool crib use, and the open but secure design allows free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout the secured areas.


WireCrafters wire partitions are ideal for the construction of tool cribs. With a designated, secure area to store tools and equipment, you no longer worry about who has what tool, or where tools have been misplaced. Many companies have found using wire partitions to organize their tool rooms has paid dividends in return. When a maintenance person needs a tool to work on equipment in the plant, they go to the tool crib and sign out the tool they need. Many tool cribs also have a service window so the plant personnel do not have to enter into the actual tool crib.


Wire partitions can be used for securing all types of equipment, inventory, and products within a facility. Secure storage cribs for inventory, janitorial supplies, and your most valuable items can be constructed with WireCrafters wire partitions. WireCrafters offers a variety of custom locks to control access to tool cribs and secured storage cages. Proximity readers, card readers, and keypads can be added to the wire partition doors for high security and controlled access.


WireCrafters manufactures twenty stock wire partition panels. These wire partition panels come 1′ wide up to 10′ wide in one foot increments. The panels are 4′ and 5′ high and are stacked one on top of the other to build a tool crib either 8′, 10′, or 12′ high, and can have a variety of doors. We have both hinged and sliding doors in stock available for 48 hour shipping. Security cages can also be equipped with ceilings, and ceiling and wall panels can be interchanged. Tool cribs and security cages can be designed in custom sizes and configurations.


WireCrafters can manufacture tool cribs and security cages with woven wire panels, welded wire panels, expanded metal panels, polycarbonate panels, and sheet metal panels. Some tool cribs and security cages require a different mesh than the standard 2″ x 1″ woven rectangular mesh. Depending on the application, a see-through solid wall may be required for viewing stored equipment, so polycarbonate panels would be used. Some applications use sheet metal panels so no one can see what is inside the secured storage area. WireCrafters can substitute a variety of both woven or welded meshes to meet most any secure requirement.