Heavy duty guard rail and barrier systems

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Wide array of Guard Rail and Barrier Systems for any warehouse.


12″ Tall Floor Mounted Barriers

Floor Mounted Barriers provide reinforced protection that is mounted flush to the floor. The flush design that is 12” tall keeps product and forks from pushing through into pedestrian walkways or protected equipment.


  1. Constructed of sturdy 7 gauge steel formed into 12″ tall × 6″ deep barriers
  2. Gussets on all units and support gussets on lengths 6′ – 10′ increase strength
  3. Anchors and bolts are included with every order!
  4. Painted safety yellow for high visibility
  5. Sizes from 3′ – 10′
  6. Flush design keeps product and forktruck forks from going past your protected area.
  7. Provide double the height of protection compared to typical guide angles.


  1. Guarding underneath racking to section off and protect materials
  2. Barriers utilized as pallet backing stops
  3. Great low profile flush protection around machines or in plant offices
  4. Conveyor lines where you need guarding but also need access to the line.


  1. 45 degree, Inside Corner and Outside Corners available
  2. 5′ sections available with built-in 45 degree angle
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Modular Warehouse Safety Barrier System

Build-A-Rail Guard Rails are heavy duty, customizable and easily assembled to protect property from damage due to forklift impact. Build rail systems one, two or three rails high by just stacking rail units one on top of the other. Available in 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot lengths. Can be coupled together to make runs as long as you want. Make 90 degree corners by connecting two rail systems together with a corner connector.

Build-A-Rail Application Photo with protection in front of a scissor lift. Build-A-Rail is a great way to section off and protect machines and other sensitive equipment.


  1. Barriers are rated to withstand an impact of 10,000 lbs. at 4 MPH and will keep valuable equipment safe from forklift traffic.
  2. Rail sections are constructed of sturdy 5/32″ wall 4″ × 4″ steel tube
  3. Base units are constructed of 5/32″ wall 4″ × 4″ steel tube welded to 5/8″ thick 10″ × 10″ base plates
  4. Highly visible, yellow powder coat painted steel units provide a visible, durable, and attractive finish
  5. Durable and attractive black plastic end caps close ends and tops giving a finished look
  6. Stackable and side-by-side joinable units provide flexibility in guard rail system design
  7. Straight sections and 90 degree turns are easily accomplished using straight and corner couplers
  8. Build-A-Rail sections are installed correctly by following easy-to-use instructions


Model Number Description Weight (lbs.)
BR-4 4′ Build-A-Rail Guard Rail 57
BR-6 6′ Build-A-Rail Guard Rail 72
BR-8 8′ Build-A-Rail Guard Rail 86
BR-10 10′ Build-A-Rail Guard Rail 100
BR-BASE Modular Build-A-Rail Base Unit 23
BR-CC Build-A-Rail Collar Connector 9
BR-CCC Build-A-Rail Corner Collar Connector 24
BR-LEG Build-A-Rail Leg Extension 14
WA3-4X4.25-4 4-Pack 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ Wedge Anchors 1

Guarantee and Warranty

Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Handle-It® Build-A-Rails. Our Build-A-Rail carries a two-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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Warehouse Guard Rail and Safety Barrier

Handle-It® Heavy Duty Warehouse Guard Rail, Safety Barriers, and Forklift Guardrails tested to withstand 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph. Quick Ship stock in our Milwaukee, WI warehouse.


  1. Tested to withstand 10,000 lbs at 4 M.P.H.
  2. Powder coated Handle It® yellow for maximum visibility and durability
  3. Columns are 4.75″ × 4.75″ steel square tube mounted on a 10″ × 10″ base plate
  4. Desiged for faster installation to cut down on labor costs.
  5. Universal posts eliminate need for “end” or “line” posts
  6. All anchors and hardware/caps included
  7. In stock items can ship within 24 hours of P.O receipt.


  1. Around inplant offices and workstations
  2. Along pedestrian walkways
  3. To protect sensitive machines
  4. At the end of warehouse rack aisles
  5. Adjacent to conveyor lines
  6. Around mezzanines
  7. Shipping and packing areas


  1. Our extensive inventory means you get your material fast
  2. We ship orders same or next day on standard items
  3. Our universal posts make installs quicker saving you time and money
  4. We adhere to strict quality standards
  5. We’ll develop the Bill of Materials needed to get the job done right
  6. Our custom shop can create products to fit your unique design needs
  7. Real Time Pricing: Quotes are sent within two hours or 1 day for custom product
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